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Current Sires


Wise 20049F RRAANNP "Crisis"





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Special thanks to the Wise family for entrusting us with "Crisis." Sired by Cabaniss Red Whiskey. Crisis will be our leading sire in our 2021 lamb crop. We added Crisis to the line up in the hopes of adding muscle and he has exceeded our expectations in every way. 



Wise 1902 RR AA NNP "Rebel"

Sired by Gordeneer "Turnpike" out of a Herrig "Turbo" Daughter. 

Wise 1510 RR AA NNP "Hemi"










Pictured in his working clothes at 10 months. Sired by Herrig 0867 Turbocharger.  Hemi's daughters have proven themselves to be reliable ewes all the way around. Easy maintaining, lamb with no assistance, the example of what good ewes should be. We were fortunate to be able to get a few ewes settled to Hemi before he moved on to his new home.



SMFRM Dramatic Twist "Twist"













Special thanks to Spring Meadow Farm for the opportunity to purchase "Twist." Sired by SMFRM Copperheads Black Night. 



ASHS Yeti's Chrome Option







Special thanks to ASH's Boer Goats for allowing us the opportunity to purchase him. Sired by NATS Graffitt's Yeti.  

SGF Comanche











Comanche was  our herd sire for the 2015 & 2016 seasons.Sired by Holly  Hill 292 Gus (Grandsired by Ruger Reloaded)

 His kids are known for heavy muscle rapid

 growth and easy maintenance. To date his daughters are some of the most productive we have ever had. We do have semen collected and will be using him as an AI sire.


Reference Sires


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