"Loki" 1665lb
Champion Carcass Steer
Westmoreland Fair 2015
"Whinny" and her baby "Mike"
June 2017


We started off like most small farms with a few 4H projects that quickly escalated to much more.

Initially we had a few crossbred ewes and a dairy goat  in 2000. Today we  have grown to 20+ registered Boer goats and 25 registered Hampshire sheep while balancing a thriving seasonal farm stand.


During our 4H careers we have bred and raised

multiple species of livestock including beef cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, rabbits, and chickens.

We primarily exhibit breeding and market animals at our county fair, Western PA 4H Regionals and the PA Farmshow.


We do encourage off-the-farm purchases to prevent the exposure of disease through auctions.




Pa Farmshow 2017
"Airborn" & "Leo"