Lot 6 A
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Hyduke 1412 QR
Westmoreland Fair Supreme Ewe 2018
Champion Hamp Ewe
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Reserve Champion Hamp Ewe
Westmoreland Fair 2018

All of our sheep are American Hampshire Sheep Association registered. We are currently working to have all of our sheep Scrapie Codon RR. All are  also Spider Lamb Symdrome free.


Our focus in the sheep is to produce animals that are functional and both physically and reproductively sound. We expect that our ewes will maintain an adequate level of productivity while being easy to maintain. The ewes spend most of their time out on pasture and are expected to maintain condition without feed supplementation with the exception of nursing lambs.


Our ewes offer a variety of genetics including: Hope's Patriot, Cabaniss 118, Ott 6504 "Casino" and Fitch 571 .


We do not have the extensive win list of other flocks but we strive to produce animals that will stand the test of time.


We will have  lambs available in March/ April. Please call/email for availability




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Hyduke 1301 QR "Annie" 

 Supreme Ewe 

Westmoreland Fair 2014